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Our team of industry professionals ensure high-quality workmanship from start to finish with every full installation.

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With over 30 years of experience and approximately 75,000 installations in the Greater Toronto Area, we are your one-stop-shop for full service, seamless installations. We install your fireplace and complete the full setup by a licensed installer to ensure your safety.

We provide the information you need to know about installing a fireplace to either interior wall by venting or to a gas line connection. And if you want to install your fireplace under a television, we provide the professional installation that ensures there are no issues or concerns about melting or damage.

We complete the millwork or stonework safely and adhere to all codes and specs, so you can enjoy your new fireplace in comfort and feel confident in a professional installation.

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Properly installing a fireplace requires an experienced and knowledgeable team. The crew at Erindale Fireplace is fully trained by our manufacturers, and up-to-date on all aspects of construction, including safety. Prior to the final sale, we take the time to make sure you have made the right choice that suits your needs.

We’ll discuss the location of the fireplace installation to identify any possible problems, and we will explain the important details to ensure absolute safety during the installation, finishing, and maintenance of the fireplace.

Gas vs. Electric

Gas and electric fireplaces offer homeowners steady warmth and ambiance, but there are a few differences in the way they look and function.

Gas fireplaces offer a greater amount of heat and warmth and realistic flames. They require professional installation and a gas line to your home. While an electric fireplace is an inexpensive, low maintenance, and energy-efficient alternative to a gas fireplace. They are fast and easy to install in any room.

Whichever option you choose, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fireplace in your home.

Make it Your Own

The Ultimate Luxury

Create the space you’ve always dreamed of with our diverse selection of products, and custom mantels and millwork.

Custom Mantels

Our Crew & Trucks

Our trucks are fully equipped and our crews are fully trained and up-to-date on all aspects of construction, including safety.

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